Live on the Kleve Campus, Experience the Lower Rhine Region

Accommodations for programme participants

Participants of the German International College will be accommodated in modern residences on the Kleve (Bedburg-Hau) Campus, which are situated in a large park.
Each participant has a fully furnished single room with Wi-Fi. The communal bathrooms and toilets are in the corridors.

There are several shared kitchens and dining rooms in the building, where participants can meet to cook, eat, and socialise. There is a lounge/television room as well as a billiard room. All residents can use the existing washing machines and driers free of charge.
The accommodations are situated close to the classrooms.

Bedburg-Hau, Kleve and surroundings

Bedburg-Hau is a small community that belongs to the municipal district of Kleve in the beautiful Lower Rhine Region. This part of Germany offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. The region is popular with national and international tourists. The centre of Bedburg-Hau is easily accessible on foot. Longer distances can be travelled by bus or train; the train station is close to the campus. The nearest larger town, Kleve, is just a few minutes away by train.

Kleve has about 52,000 residents, and it is situated close to the Dutch border. It is a young, international university town, which is characterised by various tourist attractions, including the landmark ‘Schwanenburg’, the Museum Kurhaus Kleve as well as the historic gardens. Numerous cafés and restaurants serve regional but also foreign specialities.

The location of Bedburg-Hau and Kleve also contributes to its appeal – there are many fascinating German and Dutch cities that are within easy reach. It is only 90 kilometres (55 miles) to Düsseldorf, Cologne is 130 kilometres (90 miles) away, the distance to Nijmegen, the oldest town in the Netherlands, is just 20 kilometres (12 miles), and it is only 140 kilometres (86 miles) to Amsterdam. There are the Bedburg-Hau and Kleve train stations, as well as the nearby Weeze Airport, which offers international connections.