Jacobs University

Jacobs University in Bremen is a private, state-accredited university that offers a range of international study programs such as a Foundation Year, additional pre-study programs, bachelor, master and PhD programs as well as Executive Education.

Students live on a fully equipped campus with full board, many leisure options and a 24 hour security service. Bremen’s center is nearby: The vivid town attracts the students with its historic buildings, its park and its diversity.

SETI supports Jacobs University with the recruitment of Chinese applicants for the international courses of study, offering the following services:

Counselling and Supervision of Study Applicants

  • Consultation of Chinese students interested in studying at Jacobs University
  • Preselection of eligible prospective students
  • Supervision of future students with regard to the APS and visa proceedings

Representation of Jacobs University on Site

  • Marketing research
  • Coordination of translation, printing, storage and distribution of promotion material in China
  • Online presence featuring the programs and services of Jacobs University that are relevant for the Chinese market
  • Maintenance of Chinese social media profiles (WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, Baike)

Creation and Maintenance of a Partner Network

  • Support with the organization of delegation visits in China (coordination of appointments with Chinese partners, planning of travel routes, support while travelling, additional services)
  • Communication on behalf of Jacobs University with Chinese partners
  • Maintenance of contacts and communication

On the following websites, we will introduce Jacobs University and its programs to you.