Die Jacobs University bietet die folgenden Master-Programme an. Jedes Master-Programm dauert 4 Semester (2 Jahre).
Die Studiengebühren für Master-Programme betragen 20.000 € pro akademisches Jahr (exklusive Unterbringung und Verpflegung). Alle Bewerber werden für leistungsbasierte Stipendien von bis zu 12.000 € pro Jahr in Betracht gezogen.

Data Engineering // MSc

Big data has turned out to have tremendous potential, but poses major challenges at the same time. On the one hand, big data is driving the next stage of technological innovation and scientific discovery. On the other hand, the global volume of data is growing at a pace that seems to be hard to control. Faced with these prospects and risks, the world requires a new generation of data specialists. The Data Engineering program offers a fascinating and profound insight into the methods and technologies of big data. It deals with foundational and advanced approaches to data acquisition, data management, and data analysis. Students take a tailor-made curriculum consisting of lectures, tutorials, laboratory training, and hands-on projects. In addition, students have an excellent chance of working in paid industry and research projects during the program.

Demand for data engineers is massive. Students of the program work in areas such as IT, finance, the automotive industry, health, and retail. An MSc degree in Data Engineering also allows you to move on to a PhD and to a career in academia and research institutions.

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Supply Chain Engineering and Management // MSc

A broad range of industries require professionals who are trained in designing, organizing, and managing complex supply chain networks. Understanding your suppliers and supply chain risks is critical since their performance has a direct impact on a company’s ability to produce and deliver. The ability to manage supply chains is therefore fundamental to success in the global economy. Students of Supply Chain Engineering and Management learn how to initiate, maintain, and restructure business processes, understand market dynamics, and acquire modern leadership skills. They explore the relationships that create value for multiple stakeholders across organizations and cultures. Thus, the program perfectly matches needs within industry and beyond. Students are offered a tailor made curriculum consisting of seminars, workshops, excursions, tutorials, interactive case studies, exercises, and online lectures using both group and self-study. Courses are aimed at problem familiarization, analysis skills, and rational decision making. The curriculum represents a careful balance of learning, research, and practical coordination.

Supply chain management is a growing profession and is in high demand in Germany and around the world. Students of the program are prepared to become decision-makers in an interconnected business world. Graduates work in areas such as the automotive and aerospace industries, transportation, retail, purchasing, wholesale, consulting, and information technology.

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